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leesburg day 1.

Katie and I are here in Leesburg visiting my mom and dad (we call them Polly & Roy except when we actually see them – and then they’re Mother & Daddy). A good drive down – 421 miles in 6 hours 21 minutes – not counting the 1st Starbucks stop in Roswell, only to learn that they open at 6:30 on Saturdays (it was 6:12) or the 2nd Starbucks stop in Tifton just after 9:00. And wow – Mary not having coffee til after 9:00 AND driving for 3 hours by then was rough. But the company was good. Katie read to me from Vogue and Print and we listened to 2 CDs from Pride and Prejudice (I think Katie slept through most of it, but I am totally looking forward to the next 9 or so CDs). The drive through south Georgia was hazy/smoky from the fire and I could swear the air in Tifton smelled like smoke 🙁 But we arrived in “wow- you made really good time” time for lunch and a very pleasant afternoon of antiques for me and mom and naps for Katie and dad.

I scored this vintage ice crusher at the 2nd antique shop. Same one featured in the mint julep article on p. 86 of Saveur’s May issue (which I tried to find on-line, but could not). Mine is in wonderful condition and for $10 I’m really pleased. Saveur says it was made in 1960 and I love the fact that it’s older than I am!

The sky in Leesburg is showing signs of the fire, too. This is what the sky looked like about 4:15 this afternoon. eerie.

And this is how Katie looked when we got home. Love that she’s so comfortable here.

Looking forward to shrimp for dinner – mom always has the big ones, and salad and it’s a great meal.

Tomorrow we have some chores around here and then we’re heading to Gainesville. Not sure if tomorrow’s post will be Leesburg day 2, or Gainesville day 1.

Hi to Sara and Marc, keeping the home front!

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