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happy mothers day.

by no means an exhaustive list, but a few things my mother taught me, lessons for which I am still grateful:

*be yourself
*don’t settle
*learn to cook a few basic things (enchiladas and anything with Bisquick)
*trust your children to know what’s right/wrong
*how to write a thank you note
*reading a book is never time wasted
*recipes for the absolute best Christmas cookies (and a love of the old fashioned Bing Crosby and Johnny Mathis Christmas songs to accompany the baking)

Thank you, Mother! I’m trying to pass these along to my daughters, too…along with a love of chick flicks!

The Anna Griffin class was very much fun. In between the morning and afternoon sessions we had lunch at 946 South. A delicious chicken salad with fresh fruit. Downtown Roswell was bustling. Great day for people watching!
the double page layout, featuring “fan folding”
shop owner Bonnie

On tap for today:
*Five mile run in the park with Katie
*Getting ready – laundry, magazine shopping, packing, more grocery shopping, lists for the girls
*Lunch – the delicious California BLT from barefoot contessa at home
*Maybe a chick flick?

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