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happy memorial day.

reflecting on how fortunate we are to be Americans. a heartfelt thank you to all who have fought and are fighting to preserve our freedom, and to their families, too.

Sara and I saw Waitress yesterday. A good movie – we both enjoyed it. And the burger and onion rings at the Tavern beforehand. The Target trip was moderately successful. Found everything but bikinis – at least bikinis that fit. So we have more shopping to do today.

The wildfire smoke was around Saturday and Sunday. Pretty bad on Sunday – our eyes were burning and the visibility was nothing. But it cleared off in the afternoon and they’re saying today’s wind direction has shifted and we shouldn’t get the smoke. Six weeks that fire’s been burning.

Had a news-y email from Katie in our in-box this morning. She’s doing well, having fun. Wireless rates in the hotel are outrageous, so students walked around with laptops searching for a connection. Found one on the 4th floor. Imagine the cluster of students with laptops congregating in the 4th floor hallway checking and sending emails 🙂

Finally, making me smile – from dinner last night – we got to talking about Gilligan’s Island (something about a guy that Marc had played golf with was something something the 3rd or the 4th and then we both remembered the GI character Thurston Howell III) … and the internet is just great – in 30 seconds, Sara had located the theme song. and Marc and I still remember all the words…brings back memories, no?

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