Just Life

gainesville day 1.

Yep, yesterday’s post just didn’t happen. We were busy. Katie and I took a walk to capture some Florida colors. Interesting how the plants and flowers are so different here than at home. I took about 20 pictures and then sat with my mom to identify everything. Here are a few of my favorites.

bouganvilla and geraniums
spanish moss in the live oak trees
hibiscus with the digital macro setting – love being able to get so up close!
bottlebrush, again with the digital macro
oleander and not sure what the yellow is?

Then we packed up and enjoyed (yes, really, enjoyed) the nearly two hour drive to Gainesville. Mom has found a very backroads route that shows off wildflowers, horses, general “country” of central Florida. Today sounds busy, too, with multiple appointments, maybe a shopping trip and Micanopy hasn’t been completely ruled out. Just for me and mom – Katie is definitely not going. And maybe a Phase 10 game.


  • Sara

    i’m thinking that because i’m so great with biology, i could probably identify some of those flower parts of that hibiscus plant.

    oh, and guess who finished Tuesdays with Morrie? And who actually enjoyed it? And may have cried just a little?