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still no dsl.

so glad marc’s back this week to help think through the problems/solutions? (and definitely to share in my misery). we got the new modem yesterday and all seemed fine – even got the wireless router back up again after a quick call to linksys tech support. and we were back on-line just like before…for about two hours. then it went bad again. just like last week.

at this point, i can’t bear making any more calls to earthlink. so marc and i did a little troubleshooting on our own. we moved the modem and attempted to hookup to my laptop (eliminating the basement phone line and computer – at one point last week, the problem was diagnosed to be the ethernet card in that computer). still doesn’t work. so we have a new modem. the router’s not the problem. we have new ethernet cables. our computer’s not the problem. so we think it’s the dsl (which bellsouth supposedly ‘fixed’ last week – friday or saturday?)

marc is home this morning to get sara to school and then get on the phone. thank you marc! …and i’m sitting at my desk at work. so weird to be here when it’s dark outside and no one else is around. but i’m looking forward to a few hours of catching up (yes, that’s a daily requirement for my job).

and bookclub tonight – i’m going to try two new things – an herb dip from ina garten and a hot brie appetizer that has pineapple salsa in the middle. looking forward to the beautiful dreamer discussion – just to see if anyone else shared my reaction to the senseless racial hatred portrayed so well.

i cried last night on the way home, listening to the npr reports on the killings at virginia tech. was a well done story. the part that got me was talking about the on-line memorials to the kids on facebook and my space. and how college kids from all over the world are posting thousands of comments. the world is such a different place for kids these days – in a few bad ways, but also in many good ones…so different from when i was in college. i’m thankful i have the opportunity to see the changes (the good ones) and experience them just a bit through my daughters. thanks, girls! p.s. know katie has a facebook page and sara has myspace, but i’ve never visited either one!

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