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ready to roll.

Katie’s new rolling duffel from Land’s End arrived last night. Ordered last week when I got a ‘free shipping’ offer. Because this duffel was $149 compared with the beautiful Tumi one for over $500. She wasn’t sure she should get it monogrammed (those probably won’t be my initials forever), but I convinced her – after all, for $149, if the bag makes it through Europe this summer she’s probably recouped her investment. And she’ll get luggage when she gets married anyway, right? So there’s a monogram on the top. And Marc played with the bag (love how guys will “play” with stuff like duffel bags – he tried out all the zippers, opened up the pockets, rolled it around) this morning and was very impressed – well made, rolls well, lots of room inside. And I had another free shipping offer. So I ordered an identical one (except for the monogram – mine says MRS) for myself. Should make the airports on our upcoming DR trip a little easier.Not sure what to make of my horoscope for today, though:

Sidestep major expenditures and give your bank account a needed rest.

(and I read this after buying a half-case of wine at Harry’s – needing to fill all the wine fridge since the Lange shipment was only six bottles).

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