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not sure how long this will last.

we have a dsl connection from the house. i’m going to assume it will go down at any second. so putting this post out here quickly! katie called yesterday to check on how i was doing sans internet – was i getting violent? no – when i’m upset about something, or really stressed, i cry. i’ve cried a good bit over the past 4 days. not even just about this stupid computer thing. other stuff, too, like the song ‘i have been changed for good’ on the wonderful soundtrack from wicked. or after hanging up the phone with sue on friday and missing terribly when talking to her every day wasn’t even a big deal. sara getting invited to underclassmen honor’s night (so proud of her). katie telling me they raised $60,000 at the ga tech relay for life – and she’s the chair for that event next year (so proud of her).

the latest update on this stupid computer thing is that bellsouth did do something to our phone line. but the dsl is still not consistently coming on. so we’re getting a new modem (free, including the next day shipping – the earthlink customer service people have really been great – just wish the tech support folks lived up to their standard!) tomorrow.

i should have accomplished a lot of things yesterday without being able to play on-line – but no, not so much. i took a 3-hour scrap pages class at impressive ideas (with anna griffin paper – i think this is the 4th class like that i’ve taken – the designs always teach some new technique – this one had layered flowers and paper pleating). i finished memories of my melancholy whores – very good – just wish it were a bit longer… it ended too soon. i started julie and julia and made good progress. and i took a nice nap – still have much sleep to recover after last week’s late nights with earthlink technical support.

so today i have the usual laundry, shopping and generally getting ready for the week ‘stuff’. ordinary life – with the internet – can be a very good thing!

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