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no dsl.

nope, nada, nothing. completely down at the rogovin house. i am not coping well with this lack of connectivity. i don’t have time to get my work done. i’ve missed too much sleep talking on the phone (or holding to talk) with tech support. and i miss my internet play — and this blog terribly.

so i am taking 5 minutes out of work today to just let everyone know. the latest news from earthlink is that our phone lines are the problem. a bellsouth technician is scheduled to visit the house tomorrow — by 7:00 pm (suspect timing on a weekend, or am i just being overly pessimistic?) honestly at this point i have no confidence the issue will get resolved quickly and i am starting to figure out how to rework my life without internet access at home.

amazing how quickly we come to rely on technology.

the realsimple quote today is timely:

humor is emotional chaos remembered in tranquility
-james thurber

let’s hope i see the humor in this one soon!

happy weekend everyone!

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