Just Life

new layouts.

So – I think the best part about this post is that it’s 6:26 pm and the big plans I had for the day have been realized. (maybe a good omen for the upcoming week – more on that later).

First – the two new layouts:

Ladies who Lunch – celebrating three lunches Katie and I enjoyed over her spring break back in March

Live Love Laugh! photos that Katie took at our last Bistro VG lunch on her spring break. Trying out my own handwriting for the titles and a rub-on page that was perfect. And two pink and white paper flowers from my PaperSource shopping in Chicago. (any resemblance to this layout or to this layout from scrapjacked?)

Still looking for the best way to photo layouts. Worried that a scanner might be the best option … and I’m not ready to commit to that!Dinner well underway – shrimp pasta, caesar salad and the sure-to-be-yummy pineapple upside down biscuits for dessert. Easy to make and smell delicious. my version
and Paula’s
On tap for the week:

*Monday – cookie baking – I promised to drop off at the ADPi house on Tuesday

*Tuesday (after work) – dinner and packing with Katie (maybe meeting Lee??!!)

*Wednesday – Katie home!!!

*Thursday – Sara tennis lesson and (hopefully, always depends on Sara’s homework load) dinner out

*Friday – laundry and prep for

*Saturday – Katie and Mary driving to Leesburg