Just Life

hembree park.

inpired by today’s real simple quote of the day:

“after a day’s walk everything has twice its usual value.” george macauley

which i read on my ‘just before i leave the office’ check of my earthlink email. and it was 4:15 and i thought why not? i could take a walk after work. and i did. and i really enjoyed it. hembree park is about a mile (probably a little less) from my house. then there’s a 1.1 mile track that winds through woods and around ball fields. i usually visit only on a run, early on a weekend morning. the park at 5:30 on a monday evening was a much different place. i did one lap (my run is usually 3 laps) in the opposite direction. which way you take the hills is critical for a run – and the running direction has a very steep uphill – that my shins couldn’t take in the other direction. but walking it was nice. and i loved the completely different perspective.

of course i took my camera along. to take more pictures of all the different shades of green. and one patch of beautiful yellow irises – which i hadn’t even noticed on my weekend runs. (yikes, won’t even contemplate what else … good stuff, anyway… i could be missing on my runs!)

note to self – if i make this a habit – which i would really like to! – need shorts to walk in. my clothes are either hardcore running gear, or ‘strolling’ pants. today i wore a lucy skirt with bike shorts. probably looked ok, but it got warm. definitely won’t do for those 80+ degree evenings we’ll have starting soon.

oh – and i realized after i finished yesterday’s post that i forgot about the potato sausage… thank you, mother, we’ll enjoy it. and here’s the documentation of the ‘handoff’ from lydia’s trunk to mine after saturday’s lunch.

safe travels to steve, who is headed to florida tomorrow to see mother & daddy.