Just Life

big plans.

so I have big plans for today – but first, a few photos from Jillian’s confirmation party yesterday:

Mary, Lydia, Steve, Karen, Ron

Jillian and Lydia (just a little windy!)

Steve and Karen

Karen and her friend Mary, who was Jillian’s sponsor – so wonderful to meet Mary after hearing so much about her for so many years. And her rum cake is YUMMY!

the kids – Jillian and a friend playing ping-pong and Andrew, Paula and friends playing badmitten (Paula and her friend were winning -so that’a a “high five” they’re doing)

So the big plans:

*Have the house to myself right now – Marc left for the race at 6:45 a.m. and Sara’s still asleep – enjoyed spending some time in blog-land, catching up and exploring. Getting inspired to create some scrapbook layouts today – yes, really, I’m going to do it!
*From the bookclub pineapple salsa brie, I have about a cup of crushed pineapple left over. So I researched on foodnetwork.com and found this recipe for pineapple upside down biscuits – Paula Deen’s recipe, which means butter, but probably very yummy. So planning them for dessert tonight.
*and it’s another blue-skies day, not too warm yet, so another five-mile run in the park.
*and Sky for a carwash and some journaling time. Then Kroger (funny, I don’t have all the ingredients for those biscuits – like biscuits and maraschino cherries 🙂
*then home to start those layouts.
*and in between laundry, and maybe getting the pix from yesterday posted to ritz so folks can download.