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algebra 2.

yes – so proud. sara won the prize for honors algebra 2. very cool. but all the joy she might’ve felt from that award was overshadowed by two more hours of algebra homework afterwards 🙁

and the dsl is still not back. marc is taking sara to school this morning so i have a few minutes at the office to post this and attempt to regain a bit of my sanity. how quickly my life got to a bad place without the internet to work (and play) at home. another two hours on the phone with earthlink last night. the modem was shipped yesterday (despite my being promised by several people on saturday that i would have the modem on monday) and should arrive today. we’ll see!

…and need to start thinking seriously about hosting bookclub – at my house – tomorrow night. twelve ladies. and it’s supposed to rain again.

send happy thoughts my way – need them today!

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