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My response to Katie’s A-Z list from Friday night…

Addictions – hmm… good tv shows, but I guess those are more like obsessions
By this time next year, I I’ll be a sophomore
Challenge: Current challenges are getting good grades and staying on task
Daydreaming about: summer
Ella Minnow Pea–what’s your favorite letter? uhh, s? because sara starts with s?
Fondest Memory: ones from camp
Go forth and… run?
Hella sweet: uhh, i don’t know. good music.
Indulgence: mm cheesecake
Jealous about people who… have a really laid-back attitude about school
Kindness is: showing respect towards someone just because
Listen to this advice: relax.
Ma mere est: (my mom is…) amazing.
Never tell me: something that is degrading?
On the nightstand: no nightstand
Perfect day would be: Saturday
Quotation I just can’t get out of my head: “Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” -Unknown
Retreat: Horse Shoe, NC for three weeks every summer
Story I love to hear: scary stories
Ticket stub I’d want: to California
Underneath it all: ?? Victoria Secret cotton panties, as well
Vision–in ten years, I want… to be happy and successful
Wish I could: be better at tennis
X-favorite anything: color – blue
You are least — …likely to be
Zero is the number of: times I’ve watched an O.C. episode since it ended (if I remember correctly)

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