Just Life


I know that’s not a very imaginative title, but it’s been such a week…and looking forward is good, too – pinch me!

So – the Billy Joel concert was awesome. I know – not a very imaginative description – but it sums it up. He is amazing – pianist extraordinaire, funny, thoughtful (loved how he wove in special things that were relevant for Atlanta, songs like Dixie, Georgia on My Mind, Sitting on the Dock, an Atlanta Braves baseball cap, references to the awful weather), great vocals, energy to spare (and 10 years older than Marc, but a 26 year old wife!) and sharing it with Katie made it special – this was my 5th concert (assuming I’ve counted correctly!) and certainly a favorite. A nice thing about ‘older’ artists is that you know their songs – everything he played I knew – much of it by heart – and it made it more special – of course that also means my voice is nearly gone from the ‘singing along’. {also, we drove – my car – and the whole experience, including parking, wasn’t bad at all and I’d definitely do that again because it was so convenient!}

Before the concert, Katie and I had dinner at Baraonda – we shared caprese salad, a yummy ‘specialitie’ (or however it is in italian) pizza with grape tomatoes, mozzarella, basil? and goat cheese. And espresso (Katie was very worried I might fall asleep during the concert – obviously misplaced worry since it’s nearly 1:00 a.m. and I’m still wide awake!) – a single for Katie and a double for me. Cute cups. And we found a nice person to take our picture.

Sara had much less homework this week — translates to much more sleep – happier person.

Our dog (Marc’s Last Chance to Have a Dog – Chance for short, or Chancellor when he’s in trouble) had surgery today and seems to be doing well. He had a very nasty growth on one of his hind legs. Definitely not a fatty tumor, but not sure what it really is. Our wonderful vet Miguel Perales removed it…and we’re anxiously awaiting results of the biopsy. Chance spent last night at the vet and the house was terribly lonely without him….not that I mind not having him lick the floor, or the carpet, but he’s such a part of us. And Marc reminds me that he’s almost 13 and it’s really sad to think of a permanently ‘lonely’ house. Even setting our alarm on Exit this morning instead of Stay seemed too weird.

Work is good, too – except that my computer is possessed when it’s at work – things that go fine when I’m home but seem to lock up for no reason in the office. I rebooted 5 times today… much lost productivity!

I’ve got a 4-day weekend – leaving in the morning for Beaufort to see my mom (and my dad a little) and Charlie – a long-time family friend who’s a music minister at the Presbyterian church there. Actually, Charlie is the reason we’re having this get-away weekend in Beaufort. I trust the music on Sunday will be beautiful (first time in 10+ years I’ve been to church! a bit freaked about what to wear!) I requested Bach and Charlie said he’d comply…can’t wait for that. This is the 3rd year Karen and I have done this weekend with our mom – and the drive is another special part. Something about 10 or so hours together in a car…you catch up! It’s my turn to drive this year.

Plans for Chicago are coming along.

Just got info on Marc’s Chairman’s Circle trip in May. May 14-18. Check this out. (we stayed at another Paradisus resort in Cancun last year and really liked it.)

and for fridaying:
*Note the comment over the magazine – if Vanity Fair has an art edition, we need it!
*I’ve been following this site for a few weeks – and really love this picture
*oh Joy – Martin Pebble – I want this!
*for Katie when she visits NY – how about Trunkt and these beautiful towels?
*and finally, I loved the Yarn Harlot‘s storm prep list {I tried to create my own, but it wasn’t very good-very glad I don’t have to prepare for storms very often}(where is the picture of the oranges? I couldn’t find it!)