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slow down, you’re doing fine; you can’t be everything you want to be before your time

two delicious and lovely photographs above from port2port. thank you, mav, for your constant inspiration.

there are now TWO beautiful photographs of oranges, and I just love oranges. In fact, I might have to make a stop at Whole Foods this afternoon after I get ready (just ran for an hour in the park…) and now I feel perfect. My hair is completely soaked and my lips burn from being chapped and out of breath, but my vintage looking silver fan is on, and the sunlight is making pretty shapes on my desk and computer screen from shining through the blinds…and giada is making something wonderful-looking. Mmm, and the sunscreen has soaked into me (I’m a good kid, mamma, and remembered my sunscreen), and it smells like the beach and the first days of summer…I can still sort of taste the salt from the sweat that dripped down onto my lips.

today and tomorrow and sunday:
to origins for more face things–and then to aveda probably just for the smells and the tea
to mac for hush (hush purchase #8 or 9, maybe?)
running shoes, yeah!
iPod shuffle, yeah! (necessary, but expensive…and i’m thinking the orange one maybe)
browsing for a watch–thinking about the nike imara (in purple steel…very cute, and i could wear it from running to class and back and it would be fine, and cute!)
watching the motorcyle diaries
trying some very fresh (and please light and er healthy!) thai takeout
writing a letter to Jonathan Safran Foer
looking for postcards, or making postcards
writing letters to women in the art/publication/design industry
iced passion tea (with a lil equal) drinking

am digging:
anthropolgie, per usual
the idea of a big adorable or funky tote bag for the spring/summer…etsy?
joao gilberto with senor stan getz
sparkling water….and currently, this lemon pound cake emeril’s makin on tv with blueberries and strawberries and small white chocolate shavings with mint. yum, bud.

je t’aime, ma mere…et Sara. more posts to come later, gators.

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  • mere2007

    love it – hope the weekend lived up to its friday afternoon promise! please post a pic of your new shuffle…and a link to the watch?