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saturday plans.

Couldn’t sleep and was up on-line by 5:00 – spent two hours catching up on what I missed at work yesterday afternoon and now feel better prepared for Monday – but worth missing the Saturday morning sleep in? not sure….

Had so much fun with Katie and Sara last night. Sitting around the kitchen table – two laptops checking out blog-land, two r+h agendas, cross-stitching, alphabet stamps, art school catalogs, ipod (instead of tv). not much for regret, but I wish I’d taken a picture!

Find myself with no real plans for the day – so unusual – would like to get my closet cleaned out, switch out winter to spring decor and get to Harry’s for fresh fruit and vegetables – the weather has taken a chilly turn and I’m thinking vegetable soup might be a good thing to make.

Found this link on the Yarn Harlot’s blog for some cool knitting/NY things – maybe Katie can check out a few next week?

…and my responses to the latest list:
Addictions – lately, the internet – can’t do with my daily checkin with blog-land
By this time next year, katie and i will have taken a wonderful trip (to napa, ny?) to celebrate her 21st birthday and sara will be driving a lot
Challenge: staying focused on what’s important
Daydreaming about: spring, updating my ipod
Ella Minnow Pea–what’s your favorite letter? this is hard – a? like that it’s the beginning, can sound different – like aaayyyy or aaaahhhh
Fondest Memory: too many to choose just one! summer beach trips, christmas morning (this past year was particularly nice)
Go forth and…create something
Hella sweet: dark chocolate
Indulgence: fine red wine
Jealous about people who…have artistic talent
Kindness is: helping someone feel good about herself
Listen to this advice: never be afraid to be yourself
Ma mere est: full of interesting stories and i’m so glad i’m getting to know her as a grown-up!
Never tell me: an excuse
On the nightstand: mac lipcreme, aveeno hand relief, Glass Castle, a coaster
Perfect day would be: sunny, warm, with my family
Quotation I just can’t get out of my head: the most wasted of all days is one without laughter, e e cummings
Retreat: seacrest beach florida, for one full week every summer
Story I love to hear: anything by brian andreas
Ticket stub I’d want: a cool trip with marc for our 25th anniversary in 2008
Underneath it all:victoria secret cotton panties
Vision–in ten years, I want… katie and sara to be happy in their careers
Wish I could:take better pictures
X-favorite anything:flower – pink tulips
You are least — …likely to be called lazy
Zero is the number of: times i went on the treadmill this week

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