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mere’s ipod

Ok – so I just remembered that Katie told me yesterday the date/time on your blog posting is from when you start it, not when you post it… and I found this wonderful post from Sara that she started a few days ago.

In response – and yes, posting for all to see and comment on (be nice to me, remember how old I am!) – here’s my shuffle list:

  1. Warning Sign by Coldplay (this is really the first song – I didn’t skip one)
  2. Let the Good Times Roll by Ray Charles
  3. Swing, Swing by The All-American Rejects
  4. I’ve Got A Woman by Ray Charles (hummm….much more Ray Charles than my listening experience would indicate)
  5. Kikuchiyo To Mohshima by Pink Martini
  6. I Turn My Camera On by Rock Kills Kid
  7. I’ve Got A Crush On You by Steve Tyrell
  8. The World’s Fair by Ashton Allen
  9. Philosophy (Inc Misirlou) by Ben Folds
  10. Hallelujah I Love Her So by Ray Charles
  11. The Great Wall of China by Billy Joel (now considering how much BJ I have on the iPod, crazy that this is the first song…)
  12. Supernatural by Ashton Allen (ditto the Ray Charles Comment here too)

I’m not embarrassed by any of these (actually pleasantly surprised about that!), but seems like I might need to clean up my iPod too…and hoping I get a few new playlists from Katie next week (hint, hint?!)