Just Life

fun with my new stuff.

The day got off to a late start – I lose my hour during the day, not at night! So it was after 10 by the time I’d had coffee and a run. Then the car wash, Harry’s, lunch and it was after 2 by the time I got to the scrapbook table…to enjoy some of the many new goodies I’ve acquired since December – here are a few that I used on my Beaufort pages (see below).

Swirl and flower stamps, new Basicgrey paper (Phoebe), acrylic paints and flower punches. I started by pulling out the new things I wanted to use – it was a very big pile – and after I played with the photos and the paper, I got the pile down to something manageable. Here’s the finished product: I really like using the acrylic paints – they show up well on the paper and the photos and I like the messiness. My style is still very linear, but I think the acrylic and stamps make it seem a bit less stiff. Thoughts? Oh, and I love the chipboard letters – on this page, the B in Beaufort is chipboard and I painted it brown and then stamped pink images…some of the same ones I used on the rest of the page. Very cool, huh?The weekend really flew by… Sara is off school tomorrow and I know the extra day will be good for her/my sanity! Busy week ahead with dentist appt, tennis practices and a match, and Katie coming home for Spring Break on Friday. Yeah!

Oh – update on Chance – Marc took out the stitches by himself – dog was still without anyone holding him down (thank goodness! and what a good dog!) Then Marc and Chance had a shower, got rid of TONS of dog hair (but still TONS left) and we’ve been experimenting with having the ‘hood’ off. Even after 11 days, Chance hasn’t forgotten how to lick, so I think we’ll have to keep the hood on a little longer.

Going to leave comments on Katie’s post and then call it a night…have a feeling 4:30 a.m. will seem awfully early tomorrow!