Just Life

Uh oh….

So this is obviously a work in progress!

Katie created a beautiful banner page and used html (which I haven’t yet learned) to post it and fiddled around with other settings to create a 3rd column. And I undid it all! well, not quite all, but I lost the beautiful banner. Decided that a 2 column layout was probably the way to go (seems most popular with the blogspot blogs I’ve bookmarked anyway) and when I changed the template – poof! – beautiful banner disappeared. But we’ve made plans to get together later this week and I’m sure she can show me how to fix it!

…spending time with Sara tonight catching up on episodes of the O.C. I’ve missed. The last one EVER!!!! is this week (on Thursday at 9:00 pm) and I know there’s no way I can see all the episodes by then, but Sara has found ONE episode I must watch before Thursday….

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