Just Life

simply, the thing that I am shall make me live.


would like to contribute a mini playlist:
1. Badly Drawn Boy – The Shining
2. Paul Simon – Peace Like A River
3. Cat Power – I Found A Reason
4. Sufjan Stevens – The Henney Buggy Band
5. Van Morrison – Madame George

been studying all weekend, but did get to eat a wonderful lunch today–from Highland Bakery: half a hummus sandwich with a small cup of white bean chili soup. Oh, the food there is wonderful! (just as wonderful as the lovely little article I read about a bakery/restaurant in San Francisco called Tartine…if I wasn’t going to be an engineer or any of the other things on my list–which keeps growing, eh? artist, graphic design, art director, editor, blah blah–then I would totally own a small little cafe or bakery. A place where you would feel perfect sitting and drinking a tea or espresso and eating a scone or something…heh, I love those places!)

think Kate and I have decided to hang around 4th street for another year…

am totally digging magazines, as usual. and i am feeling really inspired and passionate about future plans to make them part of my life somehow. proactive.

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