Just Life

good weekend.

(but aren’t they all?!)

Saturday – got half my weekly run in (the other half is always on Sunday – I’d like to run more, but it’s not seeming to fit in these days), then Sky, the dry cleaners and Harrys – pretty typical errand list. Followed by a few hours scrapping – I finally finished the pages from Katie’s birthday:
(looks like I need some help photographing my pages!)
a good dinner (thank you, Marc) and catching up on my magazines – I have subscriptions to Bon Appetit, Gourmet, In Style, Southern Living and More – and the months definitely seem to run out before the magazines do!

Sunday: started out very rainy and cold (but Marc played golf anyway) and I decided to make lunch for me and Sara – the soup and biscotti from Tuesday’s cooking class. Felt good to have a real meal:

My sister and I went to a Stampin Up card-making event – tons of fun and inspiration and we talked about starting up another ‘club’ – four of us need to find four other friends to make it work.
(Sharon, Karen, me, Kelli and Anne)

(the very cool projects we made – 3 cards and a set of push-pins)

…and now the red carpet show – not sure I’ll make it up to see who wins at the Oscars!