Just Life


thanks to steph (she’s noted in my favorites as ‘steph from 3191‘) for the fridaying idea – I love it!

this was one of those days where my job definitely did not get in the way of my life – I did get up very early and was at my desk (at the office) by 5:30 a.m., but I also managed all of this:

*knocked out a client deliverable that had been nagging me for a few weeks
*figured out a creative approach to solve a business problem (allocating cost to projects – blah blah blah), got a key business partner to buyin to my approach and to next steps for implementation
*had several coffees (yes, just a little too much caffeine!) and a wonderful hour plus conversation with a friend who just moved to Raliegh but was in Atlanta for the weekend
*had lunch at dunwoody bistro and an hour long conversation with another friend
*met Katie at cafe intermezzo to pickup my half of the russell+hazel order (way cute cute stuff and I can’t wait to get it setup!) and generally catch up,

*followed by a major shopping spree – a new camera, sandals, and a few things from V Secret, and advice on what journaling bag I shouldn’t buy, but no luck with shoes…

Other ideas:
*I want a flickr site – Katie says I need to use my new camera a bit and then I can post photos…and I can’t wait to link them here
*There’s a booklist section on the right – but I wonder if this kind of list would be better – comments?

I may miss out posting next weekend (yikes!) – my sister and I are taking my mom to Beaufort SC for the weekend. We’re staying here and I’m really looking forward to some quality time with both of them!