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Chicago here we come!

(splash page from The Art Institute of Chicago Cezanne to Picasso exhibit)

Started planning our spring break trip to Chicago this morning (as in the ‘fun parts’ while we’re there – booked planed tickets and hotel a few weeks ago). My wonderful friend Sue suggested a visit to see Wicked! and Sara thought it sounded fun so we’re going! just four days – Wednesday to Saturday {I’m hoping hoping that Sara decides to study to take her learner’s permit test on Monday of that week and then Tuesday is just a play day…}

I’ve visited Chicago numerous times on business, but only once for fun (three years ago – can’t believe it’s been that long – to see Sue) and that one time I talked, shopped, ate and drank, so not much useful experience to share with Sara.

Sara wants to go to the top of the Sears Tower … and if you know about our 2006 spring break trip to St Simons and we climbed the lighthouse and I am very scared of heights and I can only hope the Sears Tower is all enclosed and safe-feeling?! And I want to see the Art Institute and they just started a beautiful exhibit – such a treat for us because New York and Chicago are the only stops in the US for this exhibit. Can’t wait. So – now I have to find restaurants for lunch and maps so we don’t get totally lost – and if anyone reads this and has other suggestions on what we should do – please share comments!

So that was this morning. Sara had a stressful day today so I stopped at Harrys to pickup a treat – mixed berry gelato: yummy she said (it’s the lower row, 3rd from the left)
and the flowers are right next to that and I took a few photos to try out tulips with my new camera – much better I think?

…and Katie and I just found out that Marc got us two tickets for Billy Joel on Thursday night – woo hoo!

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  • Anonymous

    tulip pictures were lovely! think it’ll be harder to take a blurry picture of tulips with this camera than to take a great one! xo